Teaching Philosophy

Music facilitates a deep understanding and communion that often reaches beyond what language can express. It brings people from diverse backgrounds together in ways unique among all disciplines. It can impart happiness and peace to those it touches, and help its practitioners and listeners to realize humanity's most fundamental, universal aspects.

In juxtaposition, music is also a singularly personal art form, in which those who pursue it joyfully seek a voice of their own amid a sea of other artists. In effect, the idea of teaching each individual to their set of needs is especially pertinent in music education.

This is where private teaching comes in. As a private teacher, Dominic is able to assess the skills and needs of each student, equipping him to catalyze growth and learning, as well as enjoyment in the learning process. His ultimate goal as an educator is for his students to possess the knowledge to use music as a natural means of communication and expression, without inhibition.


Dominic teaches lessons online via Skype and Zoom, as well as through McCourt's Music at their Berkley location. He teaches saxophone for all ages and levels of experience, improvisation for any instrument (jazz and otherwise), and composition and arranging. He is also available for school clinics or sectionals on any of these subjects. Please contact for rates and details.

Photo by Mark Haddlesey

Photo by Mark Haddlesey