"Slender" for big band
  • "Slender" for big band
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Composed by Dominic Bierenga.

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A groovy 7/4 funk tune with echoes of Miles. Written to evoke the gait of the mythical "Slenderman", though in this instance he appears a little "hipper-than-thou". Open solos lead to a very energetic development of the theme in a more common 4/4 which takes the tune out. For advanced ensembles.

For big band, 5/4/4/4, lead alto doubling flute. Solos in Tenor 1, Baritone, Tbn. 2 and any rhythm section instrument. Lead Tpt. to written C6, lead Tbn. to G4. Tpt. 2 uses harmon.

Copyright 2012 Dominic Bierenga.

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